Our Story

It all started with the birth of a boy named Jack.  His grandma turned up at our sewing school for lessons after not being able to find the early learning fun toys that she was looking for and decided to make them herself.

Her first project was a Christmas tree for the then 1 year old to decorate. After buying numerous felt trees whose decorations wouldn’t stick or didn’t last, she thought there must be a better way. 

Over many cups of coffee brainstorming about what and how we three ladies could make quality, stimulating toys for very young children, a truly great friendship and “ Andre and Oskar’s Creative Early Learning” was born.  And who may you ask are Andre and Oskar?  They are the fur babies that sat on our laps every week while we drank our coffee!



Our Aim

To make quality, long lasting, stimulating magnetic designs that can be handed down from one generation to the next.  Each of our designs are made so the littlest and oldest of hands can use them without becoming frustrated and as the little ones grow and progress, they can become story boards and educational tools.



How we do it

We use a variety of brightly coloured fabric from fur, to leather, with sparkles and everything in between to stimulate little imagination and senses.  They are handmade and machine embroidered in Australia.   The colourful backgrounds have a double sided magnetic sheet enclosed within, and they can be placed on any metal fridge door, magnetic whiteboard or wall painted with magnetic paint.  The designs have magnets glued inside and are then fully encased with a securely stitched backing. 



The Magnetic Storyboard Sets allow you to create your own unique display and adjust it at any time. You simply create a scene by placing the magnet elements onto the magnetic landscape (you will need a whiteboard or magnetic surface to attach the landsape too);  then the elements can be rearranged or start over whenever you like.

  • Create and make up stories – hours of fun and creativity for little ones active minds.
  • Great for everyone to be involved, or play anytime at their leisure..
  • It can be used as an educational tool to learn spelling and names of animals or things.
  • It will help improve fine motor skills and boost imagination.
  • The elements are made from material, machine embroidered, contain magnets to attach to the magnetic landscape (whiteboard or magnetic surface is required).  The elements are stitched to secure everything in place.  The magnet inside has been glued in place.  These can be used over and over (we recommend you wipe the elements over, do not soak or place in water, this may cause shrinkage and the magnet to move) 
  • You can use this set with our other magnetic storyboards and make up many different stories.
  • It is suitable for ages 2+ and up.

 Safety Warning - Magnets are not suitable for anyone with a pace-maker.