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Our landscape is surrounded by Icy mountains, ice and water; its a lovely sunny day in Icyland - Sonny the Sun is shining so bright he's wearing shades, there's a little cloud floating in the sky.  Down on the Ice we have our igloo where we go inside to keep warm from the icy breeze.  In the water we see Karl the Killer Whale; Bailey the Beluga Whale and Daisy the Dolphin; on the ice there's Silvia the Seal and Wally the Walrus snoozing and high on a cliff we see Pete the Polar Bear. Add your childs face (picture) to the Ice Adventurer and they become the adventurer in the story!

What a glorious day in Icyland. 

The video below shows faces in our Adventurer & also in Piper the Plane.

Keep your little ones busy!

Decorate & re-arrange the magnetic ornaments over and over and leave the real tree alone!

We have decorated trees to choose from in 2 sizes - Medium (40cm x 60cm) or Large (60cm x 90cm)

OR Create/Design your Own.


by Australians