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A&O - WILD ANIMALS - Bassinet Quilts - TIGER - AVAILABLE JULY 2023


ANDRE & OSKAR'S - TIGER - Bassinet Quilts 100% Cotton 

Handmade and Australian Designed     Measures approx  20" x 28" 

We have 9 different Animals (and it was definitely to hard to choose which ones to not do - so we did them all). 

We have a Cheetah, Tiger, Elephant, Giraffe, Rhinoceros, Meerkat, Monkey, Zebra and Panda.   These are set on a pale green background with pale apricot border, with matching apricot and green dot sashing/borders.  very calming.

Each quilt is sewn together with 100% Cotton, Polyester Batting and a ton of love, fully machine washable. 

Suit bassinet, change table or pram, can even be used on the floor for comfort under baby.