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RUDY makes a Snowman

Playing in the snow can be fun.   Look at the awesome Snowman Rudy made. A Top Hat, a Scarf, Eyes, a mouth, Buttons down the front, sticks for arms and a carrot nose.  Very pleased with his Snowman, Rudy gives him a hug.

Decorating Santa's Village is so much fun.

These adorable reindeer are machine embroidered on felt; appliqued and stitched with detail making them come to life.

For Safety - the magnets are fully encased in the back held by glue with solid stitching around the edges.

Rudy making a Snowman comes in 3 Sizes - Small, Medium and Large.

Decorating a Christmas Tree should be fun for everyone!

Suitable for our Magnetic Christmas Trees; a Fridge; filing cabinet; bar fridge; or any other magnetic surface.

Recommendations -  DO NOT WASH -  (you can wipe with a damp (not wet) cloth on the front surface.

Magnetic elements / Magnetic Ornaments.