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CUSTOM QUILTS - Picture-Perfect BABY- PHOTO QUILTs - 2 Sizes

$250.00 $350.00
Available for pre-order



Above is baby Jack - I've created the frame and added our designs - Balloon Adventure soft baby colours and we've printed this onto the quilt

the Announcement we create to suit your quilt as well just give us the details and we do the rest.

YOUR images, we make your Quilt.  

This is a new service - available from Andre & Oskar's - Personalized Gifts

If you do not sew (or just don't want to) we are more than happy to make your Custom Quilt.

Quilts are Available in 2 Sizes

28" x 42"   from $250      (will fit approx  24 - 5"x5" images or 12 - 8"x8" images )
This size is perfect for a Large Wall hanging.  

39" x 44"   from $330  (will fit approx - 2 - 8"x15";  1- 11"x11"; 2 - 9"x9"; 2 - 8"x8";  4 - 5"x4"; 4 - 4"x4" images).   

This is a rough guide for how many pictures you may need to fill your quilt - please use as a guide only (we allow 1" between pics (but they can be more or less depending on the pic size). We can change sizes too - crop/adjust to make them all fit - any of these quilt sizes.   We are happy to discuss and help you at anytime. Please call us.

All Quilts are made using 100% Cotton Fabric ; Colour: White, with polyester batting/fleece inside).  Images are printed onto ONE side (TOP) only -

If you have an idea or layout how you would like the pictures to be placed on the quilt - Please email us a drawing to  Alternatively, you can simply let us create something magnificent for you (or the person your giving this quilt too.       We have over 100+ years experience in designing and creating quilts! 

What you will receive (when it's completed) is....

One Awesome Quilt - covered in your Photo's - finished and ready to use or gift.

Bonus Offer -  You can add a Quilt Label for the back of your quilt - FREE 

We will create something very special for your label, simply tell us Who it's for & Who it's from - plus any special words you would like included.

Label Types (examples only) -   Baby, Wedding, Floral, Plain - we will make something perfect for the back of your quilt.


Based on the size of quilt and the photo's you send - What you send us, is what you get! - if the picture is fuzzy or blurred - it will print exactly the same way.  We will contact you if there is any problem with your images.  

Please note:  Images need to be at least 300 ppi and 4"x6"  (standard size photo) - the better the quality image the better the printed picture will be.  

If you have them direct from your photographer, we can take them from a USB as well.


If you are interested in having a Custom Quilt created for you 

Please contact us by email:  we will call you!

or Phone us on   07-3353-4709   or   0400-703-851

For Custom Designed - Picture-Perfect Wedding Quilts (these are more detailed with your Names, Date, Flowers and embellishments (as much or as little as you like for more information please  -  Click Here