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CUSTOMIZE IT - Placemat 28cm x 20cm - PU Leather

Ready to create your own masterpiece - Click the "Customize it" Button and get creative!

CUSTOMIZE IT -   PU Leather Placemat - 28cm x 20cm

Ultra white with premium feel 5mm thickness, waterproof and non slip textured backing material.

Product Features

Leather Look and Feel ✓
Nice Bright White ✓
Non Slip Rear Texture ✓
Pair with Coasters to Make Sets ✓

Take your blank canvas and create your own design for any room in the house.

A photograph or one of our designs - take the blank canvas and add your imagination, we are now printing on our new UV Printer - we can add gloss and texture to your prints as well. 

We have added a few of our prints to get you started.  Simply take the blank canvas and create your own.

Using our New CUSTOMIZE IT feature - you can start with one of our templates and add / change or start from scratch – to Create your own Design - we will print it and have it ready normally within 24 hours

Start designing now ….