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CUSTOMIZE IT - Slate Rock 8"x 8" Photo Block Square

Ready to create your own masterpiece - Click the "Customize it" Button and get creative!

PERSONALIZED photo on rock slate makes a beautiful gift!!


Slate Photo's for ... BABY, WEDDING, ANNIVERSARY, PETS etc - any and every occasion!


Photo slates are a unique and beautiful way to memorialize important moments in your life. Photos are printed on a 12" x 8" natural stone with a gloss finish. Photo slates provide a showcase piece for your photos in a way that framed pictures do not.

Each slate is made from natural stone, and therefore will be slightly unique in the cut. They have a beveled, chiseled edge and come with black plastic stands. The image is permanently sublimated to the slate and will not fade or scratch.

This slate can be printed vertically or horizontally, depending on your image. It is important that your photo quality is clear and ideally has a little room around the edges for cropping if necessary. I will work with you if any significant cropping or adjustments are necessary!!

Your happiness is important to us. We will work with you to make sure you are happy with this beautiful showcase item. Please let us know if you need any specific customizations!

You can email us directly - with your image and any text you require - we will design your piece and send you a draft before printing.


Create your own using our  New CUSTOMIZE IT feature. We have included some template examples. 


Simply take a new Slate - add your photo, include text if desired and place your order.  We will print your Slate and have it ready (normally within 24 hours) ready for pickup or dispatch.

Start designing now ….


Please note! The quality of your photo slate is entirely dependent upon the quality of your photo/image! The better the photo, the better the results. Generally speaking, almost anything taken on a smartphone will suffice, but things like a photo of a photo, or a photo of screenshot, an image you found off Google etc. will yield poor results.