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ICY WONDERLAND - Small (40x30cm)

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Welcome to our Icy Wonderland Adventure 

Our landscape is surrounded by icy mountains, frozen ice, and water. It's a lovely sunny day in Icyland, with the sun shining so bright that it's wearing shades. There's a little cloud floating in the sky.

Down on the ice, we have our igloo, where we can go inside to keep warm from the icy breeze. I'm the Adventurer, the little one in the warm brown suit with green mittens and fur around my face.

While on the ice, we can see a killer whale and her cub in the water, a beluga whale and her baby, and three dolphins jumping out of the water. There's also a grey seal laying on the ice with its pup close by, a big walrus and her baby laying on an ice shelf, two narwhals swimming by, a couple of sharks smiling, penguins perched on an ice shelf, and a polar bear with her cub high on an ice cliff. And up in the sky, there's a plane flying over.

What a glorious day in Icyland! What adventures can you make up with your little ones? Or let them play and make up their own stories.

You can place your child's photo on the Ice Adventurer tile in the circle for the face (tape it in place) and then your child becomes the adventurer in the scene.

What animals do they find? What is the weather like? It could be a sunny day, an overcast day, or a cloudy day.

There are so many possibilities for so many stories to keep your little ones' minds active and learning.

This landscape includes the following 15 elements:

  • Sun
  • Cloud
  • Plane
  • Polar bears
  • Grey seal and pup
  • Walrus
  • Dolphin
  • Killer whale
  • Beluga whale
  • Arctic fox
  • Penguins
  • Narwhal
  • Shark
  • Igloo

We have included our Icy Adventure (Brown) tile, where you can place your child's photo to make them the adventurer in their story!

Let your little ones' imaginations run wild in the Icy Wonderland Adventure Magnetic Storyboard!

OPTIONAL -  Send us your childs photo and we will add (face) in the Adventurer's Tile so your child becomes part of the adventure.  You can also select the colour outfit - Brown, Pink, Blue, or Teal.  Every adventurer is then unique!

In the dropdown list at ordering - click add Photo and send your photo to us by email - - with your Name (to match with your order).


This size landscape fits perfectly on the Fridge or a travel whiteboard

Please note:  Whiteboard is not included.

This is our Small Icy Wonderland 40cm x 30cm, we also have available a Medium Landscape (60cm x 40cm).


Our Magnetic Storyboard Sets allows your little ones to play creatively on there own or with others to make there own stories in our scenes.  Simply create a scene by placing the MDF magnets onto the magnetic landscape (note - you will need a whiteboard or magnetic surface (fridge) to attach the landsape too);  the elements can be arranged rearranged over and over. 

  • Create and make up stories – hours of fun and creativity for little ones active minds.
  • Great for everyone to be involved, or play anytime at their leisure..
  • It can be used as an educational tool to learn spelling and names of animals 
  • It will help improve fine motor skills and boost imagination.
  • The elements are made from MDF Board approx 4cmx7.5cm or larger with a magnet attached to the entire surface on the back.  Printed with eco-friendly ink, permenant and scratch resistant.    
  • These can be used over and over (we recommend you wipe the elements with a damp cloth, do not soak or place in water as the MDF will swell.
  • You can use this set with our other magnetic storyboards and make up many different stories.
  • It is suitable for ages 1+ and up.

 Safety Warning - Magnets are not suitable for anyone with a pace-maker.



Here's a little story to get your adventurer on their journey! Our Adventurer in this story is "OSKAR"

The Adventurer Oskar woke up on a gloriously sunny day in Icyland. The sun was shining so bright, it was wearing shades. There was a little cloud floating in the sky, and the icy mountains and frozen water sparkled in the sunlight.

Oskar was bundled up in his warm brown suit and green mittens and stepped outside his igloo. He was greeted by a chorus of animal calls.

"Hello!" said a friendly grey seal from the ice.

"Good morning!" said a walrus with her baby.

"Morning!" said a penguin perched on an ice shelf.

Oskar waved to all the animals and then set off on an adventure. He met up with his friends and they walked along the ice, following the path of a group of killer whales and their cubs.

The killer whales were swimming and playing in the water, their fins and tails cutting through the waves. Oskar watched in amazement as the killer whales jumped out of the water and twirled in the air.

After a while, Oskar came to a group of polar bears and their cubs sitting on an ice cliff. The polar bears were watching the penguins swimming in the water below.

Oskar climbed up the ice cliff and sat down next to the polar bears. They watched the penguins for a while, and then he started to tell the polar bears stories about his adventures in other lands.

The polar bears listened intently to Oskar's stories. They laughed and clapped when he told jokes.

After a while, Oskar said goodbye to the polar bears and they continued on their journey. They walked until they came to a beautiful ice shelf. The ice shelf was covered in snow and ice flowers.

Oskar and his friends sat down on the ice shelf and took in the view. They could see for miles in every direction. The icy mountains and frozen water stretched out as far as the eye could see.

They all smiled. They were so lucky to be in this beautiful place. They knew that they would never forget their adventure in Icyland.