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JUNGLE ADVENTURE 2 - Small (40x30cm)


Magnetic Landscape - 40cm x 30cm 

This size is for the little ones; suitable for use at home and in the car. Each element contains a magnet which has been sewn and glued into the elements; to ensure safety; they cannot fall out of the embroidered designs.  Elements size is a minium of 10cm x 7cm (big for little hands, and big for little mouths so they cannot be swallowed.) Full safety specs will be included in package or you can contact us for more information.


Welcome to our Jungle Adventure 2

Our Tree Jungle landscape is perfect for our Jungle Animals

In this scene you will find an Elephant, Hippo, Toucan, Snake, Gekko, Rhino, Gorilla, Monkey, Tiger, Lion, & Giraffe

What a glorious day in Jungleland.  What stories can you make up with your little ones; or let them play and make up there own stories.

There are so many possiblities for so many stories; to keep your little ones minds active and learning.   

This size landscape fits a small travel whiteboard - you can get them from Office Works or an Office Supply Warehouse they are also perfect on a fridge!

Please note:  Whiteboard is not included.



The Magnetic Storyboard Sets allow you to create your own unique display and adjust it at any time. You simply create a scene by placing the magnet elements onto the magnetic landscape (you will need a whiteboard or magnetic surface to attach the landsape too);  then the elements can be rearranged or start over whenever you like.

  • Create and make up stories – hours of fun and creativity for little ones active minds.
  • Great for everyone to be involved, or play anytime at their leisure..
  • It can be used as an educational tool to learn spelling and names of animals or things.
  • It will help improve fine motor skills and boost imagination.
  • The elements are made from material, machine embroidered, contain magnets to attach to the magnetic landscape (whiteboard or magnetic surface is required).  The elements are stitched to secure everything in place.  The magnet inside has been glued in place.  These can be used over and over (we recommend you wipe the elements over, do not soak or place in water, this may cause shrinkage and the magnet to move) 
  • You can use this set with our other magnetic storyboards and make up many different stories.
  • It is suitable for ages 2+ and up.

 Safety Warning - Magnets are not suitable for anyone with a pace-maker.