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JUNGLE TREES - ADVENTURE 2 - Small (40x30cm)

$40.00 $55.00

Welcome to our Jungle TREES - Adventure 2

This 40cm x 30cm Magnetic Landscape is perfect for our jungle animals!

What a glorious day in Jungleland.  In this scene you will find ...

Elephant, Hippo, Parrot, Monkey, Tiger, Fox, Parrot, Sloth, Crocodile, Pelican & Panda.

What stories can you make up with your little ones? Let their imaginations run wild and create new stories together.

There are endless possibilities for storytelling with this magnetic landscape. It's a great way to keep your little ones' minds active and learning.

Play, learn, and create your own jungle adventure today!

This size landscape fits a small travel whiteboard - you can get them from Office Works or an Office Supply Warehouse they also fit perfectly on a fridge!

Please note:  Whiteboard is not included.


Our Magnetic Storyboard Sets allows your little ones to play creatively on there own or with others to make there own stories in our scenes.  Simply create a scene by placing the MDF magnets onto the magnetic landscape (note - you will need a whiteboard or magnetic surface (fridge) to attach the landsape too);  the elements can be arranged rearranged over and over. 

  • Create and make up stories – hours of fun and creativity for little ones active minds.
  • Great for everyone to be involved, or play anytime at their leisure..
  • It can be used as an educational tool to learn spelling and names of animals 
  • It will help improve fine motor skills and boost imagination.
  • The elements are made from MDF Board approx 4cmx7.5cm or larger with a magnet attached to the entire surface on the back.  Printed with eco-friendly ink, permenant and scratch resistant.    
  • These can be used over and over (we recommend you wipe the elements with a damp cloth, do not soak or place in water as the MDF will swell.
  • You can use this set with our other magnetic storyboards and make up many different stories.
  • It is suitable for ages 1+ and up.

 Safety Warning - Magnets are not suitable for anyone with a pace-maker.


A quick little story to get you started on your adventure ....

The Jungle Rescue Mission

Deep in the heart of a lush green jungle, there lived a group of animal friends: an elephant, a hippopotamus, a parrot, a monkey, a tiger, a fox, a sloth, a crocodile, a pelican, and a panda.

One day, the animals were playing in the jungle when they heard a cry for help. They followed the sound of the cry and found a baby parrot trapped in a tall tree. The parrot's mother was nowhere to be seen.

The animals knew that they had to help the baby parrot. The elephant tried to reach the baby parrot with its trunk, but the tree was too tall. The hippopotamus tried to knock the baby parrot down with its powerful jaws, but the tree was too strong.

The parrot flew to the top of the tree and started to squawk for help. The other animals looked at each other, wondering what to do.

Then, the fox had an idea. He climbed up the tree and used his sharp claws to climb down to the baby parrot. The fox carefully picked up the baby parrot and climbed back down the tree.

The other animals cheered as the fox rescued the baby parrot. The baby parrot's mother was so grateful to the animals for saving her child. She thanked the animals and flew away with her baby parrot.

The animals were all proud of themselves for helping the baby parrot. They knew that they could always count on each other to help in times of need.

The animals continued to play in the jungle, knowing that they were stronger together.