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Large Magnetic Christmas Tree Decorated - Cat Lovers


Large Magnetic Christmas Tree - Decorated in our Cat Lovers Theme

The whole family can decorate this tree.

Our Large Christmas Trees are approx 60cm Wide & 90 cm Long.  Each Tree Panel has the magnetic sheet sewn inside.  Unroll and decorate!  Tree up in 5 minutes, add lights, add some tinsel & beads you can really tissy your tree up.

Magnetic Christmas Trees - must be applied to magnetic surface  i.e.  Fridge Door, White Board, Magnetic painted Wall/Door.

First Choose your Background for the Tree -  Red, Blue, Bright or Red/Gold

The Tree includes the following decorations - a Large Gold Star (Topper); 1 Oval Cat Wreath, 10 Large Baubles (4 Cats,  1 Gingerbread Trees, 1 Snowman, 2 Gingerbread Houses, 1 technicolour, 1 Penguins), 4 Small Baubles (2 Cats, 1 Green Tinsel, 1 Blue Tinsel, ;  7 Large Stars (Gold Swirl, Red/Silver, Red/Gold/ Red Dot, Cream/Gold, Green Dots, White/Silver); a Red Glitter Stocking, a Gold-bow Candy Cane and 6 Large Glitter Light Bulbs (Red,Pink, Purple, Green, Lime & Blue).

Then - choose your Pocket to hold the Lights Battery pack and number of lights for your tree.

Our Light Pockets are machine embroidered on felt, with a Glitter Christmas Tree on the front - you can choose a Red Pocket with Green Glitter Tree or a Green Pocket with a Red Glitter Tree  also choose - 50 Bulbs or 100 Bulbs in White or Multi-Coloured.

All Light Packs include 1 set of batteries.  2 Heavy Duty magnets are fully incased in the back of the pocket to hold the weight of the batteries-the pocket can be a decoration on/under or beside the tree.)

Finally, Select the Colour of Nigel the Gnome for your tree;

Nigel comes in  White, Black or Red christmas fabric with Red, Green stitching; his beard is made with white silky fur.


Please note - Pictures below are illustrative only for actual decorations on the tree -  not the actual number of lights (50 or 100 string) on the tree.

this one has 3 choices of nigel 

50 or 100 lights  - red or green pocket

4 backgrounds