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MEDIUM - RED - Magnetic Christmas Tree Panel Only - 50 MULTI


Medium Magnetic Christmas Tree Panel Only -  Red Background (400mm x 600mm)

50 Multi - Coloured Lights 

** Please Note:  Picture is an example only showing Multi-coloured Lights - not the actual number of lights on the tree.

Tree panels are sewn with a backing fabric and fitted with a magnet sheet to suit size, they are sealed closed and ready to hang; on a whiteboard, fridge or magnetic wall.

This package will include the number of lights selected (as per above).  All lights include 1 set of batteries. 

We will also include Glitter Bulbs with any light set ordered as follows - 20 Lights - 3  Glitter Bulbs;  50 Lights - 4  Glitter Bulbs; 100 Lights - 6 Glitter Bulbs  - Ornaments with a hanging top is also suitable for hanging lights on the tree.